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Trusted Fresh Produce Supplier in North America

For over 15 years Eagle Eye Produce has been setting itself apart as an industry leader. Our team is committed to providing our valued customers with high quality fresh produce, an unmatched customer service experience, at the fairest price. I want to personally thank you for your business and the opportunity for us to service your produce needs.

- Newman Giles, CEO Eagle Eye Produce

Eagle Eye Produce had a humble beginning in 1996 when Newman Giles and his wife, Kathy, set up their first office in the laundry room of their home in Roberts, ID. They say behind every successful man, is a strong woman, this is definitely the case between Newman and Kathy. Newman had worked in the produce industry for seven years as a grower/shipper, distributer, and broker. He always had a natural desire to take care of his customers to the best of his ability. Over time, working for other companies became a challenge for him because at times he felt like the companies he worked for didn’t always have the same values, in terms of giving their customers the highest quality, fresh produce at the fairest price. Newman decided the most reasonable solution was to go out on his own. This would allow him the freedom to nurture and grow long-term relationships based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and quality service.

Newman had already gained the reputation of being one of the best produce inspectors in the field so he named his company Eagle Eye Produce. Eagles have the ability to soar above the rest while maintaining a clear vision on the landscape below. Newman wanted to continue his legacy of finding the highest quality, fresh produce for his customers, so an Eagle was a natural fit. Many challenges and opportunities have arisen throughout the history of Eagle Eye Produce, but they have continued to soar. They have maintained a keen eye for what’s ahead and are fearlessly confident in achieving their goals. Eagle Eye Produce knows how to treat their customers with a high level of customer service, and how to build a team of collaborative individuals that can work together for the success of the whole.

Eagle Eye Produce About

In the early 2000’s, Eagle Eye Produce began investing in the dirt and as a result Eagle Farms was born. To provide Eagle Eye’s customers with their ever-increasing need for premium produce, Newman knew the company had to evolve and become more than just a distributor of fresh produce. After listening to the requests of their customers and continually running into obstacles surrounding specialized handling being requested of them, Eagle Eye purchased their first Warehouse in Idaho Falls, ID. It didn’t take long to realize that a greater supply was needed in order to maintain customer satisfaction. If they could control their own supply, and design a potato packing plant the way Newman had envisioned, then filling the day-to-day orders requested by customers would be a much easier task to accomplish. So, Eagle Farms began expanding it’s network of growers and creating new partnerships with only those known for their quality potatoes. Within a year and a half of Eagle Farms being created, the new warehouse shut down to undergo a serious overhaul.

What transpired next would not only raise the bar, it would change the potato industry forever. Using cutting edge technologies, automated graders, baggers, scales, palletizing robots, climate controllers, etc., an old fashioned potato shed was transformed into a highly efficient potato packing machine that could serve two masters; Eagle Eye Produce customers and growers. Everything became customizable, which allowed Eagle Eye Produce to make potatoes more affordable for customers, while maximizing the return for growers. Eagle Eye has now become one of the leading grower/shippers of fresh conventional and organic potatoes and has one of the most technologically advanced potato warehouses in the United States.

Newman along with his partners, have continued to parallel this strategy by building, producing, and growing a year-round onion, watermelon, table grape, and Nogales vegetable program. At one time Newman and his partners were limited to growing potatoes in Idaho, alone, and now they grow and produce in 10 different states and three different countries.

Eagle Eye Produce had mastered the production aspect, which uncovered another important necessity; getting the produce to the customer when they needed it in the best conditions possible. So from the very beginning, Newman started buying trucks to haul as much of his own products as he could. He has even jumped in them, himself, to deliver his products. Newman’s wife thought he might be having a midlife crisis, but he insisted it was to take care of his customers.

Today, Eagle Eye Produce ships over 1 billion pounds of premium, fresh produce to their customers, annually. That’s equivalent to nearly 40,000 truckloads! All of this produce comes fresh from the thousands of acres that Eagle Eye Produce farms, along with its growing partners in North and South America, each year.

Twenty years later, Newman’s original goals of providing high quality, fresh produce, with superior service at a fair price continue to be the core values of Eagle Eye Produce. Eagle Eye is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho and has an experienced coast-to-coast sales team dedicated to helping our customers with their needs. Our hope is you will give Eagle Eye Produce the opportunity to show you what a great experience it is to be one of our valued produce partners.

Eagle Eye Produce is dedicated to growing healthy foods for you!

Food Safety

Eagle Eye Produce takes food safety, and produce quality seriously. The health and safety of our customers is a priority to every member of our team that comes in contact with our fresh produce. The key points of our food safety program are complete awareness of the importance of food safety by the entire Eagle Eye Produce team, annual audits and certifications, and complete traceability from field to fork.

Annually Eagle Eye performs over 60 independent audits of our fields and facilities to the Safe Quality Food (SQF), Primus Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and United States Department of Agriculture - Good Agricultural Practices (USDA-GAP) standards to make sure our produce is safe. Eagle Eye Produce’s Fresh Cut, Value Add facility was also the first in the Western United States to receive the SQF 2000 Version 7, Level 3 certification which is the highest level that can be achieved under this standard. We are fully registered with the ICIX and Primus Azzule networks granting our customers transparency into our food safety documentation.

Eagle Eye Produce Food Safety

All of our produce packaging is marked with Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), and our packing facilities are Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) compliant. These programs enable us and our customers to trace our produce back to it’s origin.  From the traceability of our produce to the certification of our facilities we are a company that strongly believes in continuously improving how we look at food safety, and that the attitude of our team is reflected in our Food Safety program.

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