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Fresh Cut Potatoes with Real Butter & Spices

Fresh Blends® aim to bring convenience to fresh produce.  They take away the time-consuming preparation and clean up from your traditional vegetable cooking experience.  With just a two-step cooking process, anyone can cook and enjoy these true chef-inspired flavors.

Simply Fresh Ingredients

The Fresh Blends collection of fresh-cut potatoes and vegetables are premium field select, triple washed, and proudly grown on Eagle Eye Produce family-owned farms.  Through vigilant research, our proprietary produce preparation and packaging helps retain that field fresh taste and texture.  Our ingredients are never frozen, never pre-cooked, and we never use any harmful preservatives.

Simply Delicious

The Simply Good Simply Fresh team of chefs have researched your favorite recipes to pair fresh produce and delicious butter and spices to deliver veggies with a "made from scratch" taste.  Fresh Blends conveniently remove the time-consuming preparation and cleanup from your traditional cooking experience.  You'll be out of the kitchen faster and out to the dining room table to enjoy a great tasting, fresh, and nutritious meal with the people you care about.

How to Cook Fresh Blends

A True One-Stop Potato Provider

Organic, Red, Russet, Yellow, and Value Add potato items all available from one packing facility making Eagle Eye Produce a true one-stop, consistent provider for your potato category.

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