PMA Fresh Summit is always a great opportunity for our team to network, learn, and grow as produce professionals. We look forward to seeing new products, strengthening customer relationships, and creating new ones. We are proud to have been exhibiting at Fresh Summit for over 15 years! Here is what & who to expect from Eagle Eye Produce this year at Booth 3351!

What Sets Us Apart

Potato Field

When Eagle Eye Produce first started exhibiting at PMA Fresh Summit in the early 2000s, we were just starting to invest in the dirt with only a few commodities under our belts. Since that time, Eagle Eye Produce has become a diversified grower, packer, and shipper with over a dozen quality, premium year-round commodity programs. We also grow thousands of acres of land in North and South America, with a dedicated coast-to-coast sales team to better serve our customers. Eagle Eye Produce has set itself apart as an industry leader in the fresh produce space. We will have all of our top talent & commodity directors at the show, so please be sure to stop by our booth and see how we continue to innovate and grow.

Convenience can be Fresh

Eagle Eye Produce is proud to be on the cutting edge of produce packaging technology. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing fresh produce to convenience-driven consumers. Consumers want convenient, ready to cook options. We are trying to provide these convenient, value add products, without having to compromise the freshness of our product. We strive to make meals more convenient, healthy, and delicious. In the last year, we have added a few products to our value-add line and we look forward to promoting them at the show!

This year we will be featuring our Steam’d microwave-ready potatoes with a brand new look! Steam’d potatoes are fresh baby potatoes packed in a microwave-safe steamable bag. Just cook it in the microwave for 8 minutes…and Voila! You’re one step closer to having a fresh potato side dish! We are excited about this fresh new and vibrant design, and we expect it to jump off of our customer’s shelves!

We will also be introducing our new Tiny Taters made with organic potatoes. These tiny organic taters are paired with a packet of chef-inspired olive oil and seasoning. Just cook them in the microwave for six minutes, add the olive oil, and your side meal or dish is ready to enjoy!

Eagle Eye Produce Fresh Blends

We will be showing and sampling much more at our booth, including our Fresh Blends – Fresh-cut veggies with real butter and spices, a truly innovative product. Be sure to stop by the booth to see and taste some of our value-add products and learn how Eagle Eye Produce is a true innovator in the produce industry.

Meet the Team

Want to learn more about the future of fresh produce and Eagle Eye Produce? Look for our top talent below and learn how Eagle Eye Produce is dedicated to growing healthy foods for you!